21 Oct 2014

New music released today from Plasma Audio & Avantgarde recordings.

Today sees two releases coming from Plasma Audio from Melbourne and a compilation titled Theory of the Avantgarde out on Avantgarde Recordings. Both releases feature music from an East West connection and provides a deep sonic exploration of Drum and Bass music for the ears.


The Plasma Audio release features two tracks. The first is from UK producer Sabre.

Hailing from North London, 30 year old DJ turned Producer Gove Kidao aka Sabre has risen through the ranks of the global electronic music fraternity since his emergence back in 2002; Securing as he goes a reputation as a twisted yet soulful thinker, bringing a grittier sound to the deeper spectrum of Drum & Bass and experimental electronica.

(Taken from https://www.facebook.com/sabre.fanpage/info)

Yoga is a low slung affair with big bass. Slower than drum and bass tempo. For me it's the least exciting of the two tracks on this EP but it's always good to hear a producer known for drum and bass trying new ideas. Take a listen and make your own mind up.

Threat is a deep voyage from Munich producer Cruel Culture and Keosz from Slovakia. It seems that these guys have a synergy in the studio, drum and bass has always been a great place for collaborations and this is no doubt a perfect combination.

Soon he was infected with the drum'n'bass-virus, those dark and mighty sounds which came out 1996 and afterwards and he also began to intensively explore this region of sound. 

(Taken from https://www.facebook.com/CruelCulture/info)

More from Keosz




Theory of the Avantgarde’ brings a label snap-shot of the widespread dnb panorama out there. The goal was to put together a various and different sounding LP, which represented in a large spectrum, a ‘Cosmos’ of what dnb is today, and what an avantgarde of new experimenting artists is gonna bring on for the future.

The musical vibe ranges from the essential techy deepness of ‘Wolf Pack’ by L 33 with the lyrical contribution of MC Bashement, to the steppy oldschool ‘reece-tune’ vibe of Fade’s ‘Swarm’, from the minimal dark funk of M-zine & Scepticz tunes, to the rolling peak time of ‘HLZ – Lost Train’.
The presence of the artists goes from the already well-known names like ArpXP, Dabs & Hydro, to the new exciting discovered talents we found in Kush T and Hanzo & Randie.

360° of exclusive music packed with a brilliant ‘book-serie’ artwork from the designer and label co-owner Grotesque, Cosmos LP will be available in both CD and digital formats. Get ready to land into the Cosmos!

(Taken from Avantgarde recordings website http://www.avantgarde-recordings.com/theory-of-the-avantgarde-cosmos-lp/)

This is compilation is a fantastic insight in to a group of very talented producers and well worth the investment. Headphones or a decent sound system are advised.

20 Oct 2014

A very quick Q+A with Equals.

Born in East London during the summer of 2013 Equals are James Low and Ade Omotayo. Drawing on influences ranging from UK bass and garage to modern classical James’ sparse, hypnotic production offers the perfect counterpoint to the raw power and emotion of Ade’s voice. Ade developed his talent as a vocalist relatively late, starting when he was 17 on a whim to impress a girlfriend. He quickly realised singing was what he had to do and set out to forge a career, catching an early break in a covers band with Amy Winehouse. After she was discovered Ade stayed with her, contributing vocals to her albums and singing backing vocals on tour throughout her whole career from pubs in Camden to the main stage at Glastonbury. He’s since gone on to work with a galaxy of other stars including Mark Ronson, Basement Jaxx, Kindness and Quincy Jones.

James took a different route, through a series of hardcore and rock bands arriving at electronic music through Ruckspin, the Leeds based producer for Submotion Orchestra and part of Author on legendary dubstep label Tectonic.

‘Single Soul’ the debut EP on Senseless showcases three original tracks, starting with ‘Pyre’, lead by a colourful wash of synths set against with a UK-bass inspired two step drum pattern and deep sub bass, Ade’s vocals building and dropping to a dramatic climax. ‘Trap’ is more minimal, combining skeletal beats with gently swelling piano, synths and layered vocals and the EP title track ‘Single Soul’ is a love song, referencing both classic soul and new R&B with simple finger snap percussion and low pads allowing a heartbreaking vocal performance to shine through. Killer remixes of ‘Pyre’ come from XXXY (Rinse FM/Ten Thousand Yen) and new London duo Screens. (http://senselessrecords.bandcamp.com/album/single-soul-ep)

H: Welcome to EMW.  How’s this year been so far?

E: Great thanks. There's been some real highlights, like playing Dimensions Festival in Croatia and doing the Ace Hotel gig with Dorian Concept and Paul White.

H: You have a self released EP out on ltd CD and as Digital on Bandcamp titled
Single Souls. Can we expect more like this?

E: It's not self-released actually, it came out on Senseless Records who are a great independent bass label who've released everything from Zebra Katz to Jack Sparrow.

H: How can listeners find more of your music.

E: You can follow us on twitter @theequals and follow us on soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/theequals/ to stay up to date with new releases.

H: I see that both of you have worked with some great artists in the studio
and live. Do you still collaborate with other artists?

E: Yeah we still work with Ruckspin and some of the other Submotion Orchestra boys. Ade has just finished working with Kindness and is doing some tunes with Matthew Herbert. We've just also finished a track with Joshua Idehen of Hugh, Benin City and LV

H: What’s the key to a working collaboration?

E: Having an open mind, but at the same time making sure you're on the same page and have the same expectations.

H: Thank you for your time.

E: Thank you Harish, stay in touch.

16 Oct 2014

Latest news from Fifi Rong and an inspirational video from Noah.

It's been a while since I last posted on here and realise that this blog/website will need a great deal of work to get it back up and running. If anyone out there has any ideas or comments please get in touch electronic.music.wales@gmail.com. Meanwhile..

Previously featured singer, songwriter, producer and artist has released an aesthetically pleasing yet dark video of her track Breathless featuring OP9. Sung in her mother tongue it is hypnotising both sonically and through the eyes. Take a look below.


Fifi Rongs official ‘Next Pursuit RMX’  featuring  Phaeleh, Mainline Mussy, Emiliano Melis, and Kente, is now available on iTunes here and Bandcamp here  at a discounted price. It’s available as a free download for email subscribers (via www.fifirong.com).

If you are in London on the 29th October then make sure you reach her headline show at the Barfly, Camden. More info here - http://mamacolive.com/thebarfly/listings/upcoming-events/11328/fifi-rong-stats-naomi-scott-konvex/ 

In other news here's an inspirational video that might be just the pick me up that you need courtesy of the recording artist Noah.

Noah has upcoming music in diverse genres from Folk, Soul, Gospel, Electronic, Reggae to Rock. Featuring artists such as Wu Tang, System Of A Down, Royce da 5'9", Kele Le Roc and many others.

There's a good reason why the UK's biggest newspaper The Independent has labeled him as 'one to watch'.

Until next time. Peace

12 Jun 2014

Here It Is An Hour A Head Of Time. New Album By Floating Spirits

Here It Is An Hour A Head Of Time.
New Album By Floating Spirits

Its Pay What You Want, But Please Give What You Can.
If you cannot afford to donate, please download the album and spread the word - share on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, or wherever. - exposure and awareness is also very important! 
Its Album Really Is Something Special.
All Donations Go To Cancer Support.
Massive Thanks To Floating Spirits
All Donations Go To Touched Music For Macmillan

11 Jun 2014

Electronic Music Summit Wales - July 19th 2014

July 2014, the first Electronic Music Summit Wales lands at Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff. From Dubstep and D&B, to Hip Hop, Techno and House, the Summit packs in panels, special guests, practical sessions and networking opportunities geared towards those working in or with an interest in electronic music. Organised by Welsh Music Foundation (WMF) with support from Arts Council of Wales.

Electronic Music Summit Wales site is go! 

Day plan & tickets atwww.electronicmusicwales.com

New Date: July 19th